Saturday, 29 August 2015
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IBM Installation Manager – Import exisiting WAS 7

IBM Installation Manager(IM) does not recognize an existing WebSphere Application Server 7 installation done through non IBM Installation manager tools. In order to get IBM Installation Manager recognize an existing WAS 7 installation you need to import the WAS configuration. Follow the steps to import existing installation into IM.

1. Setup WAS Repository:

a. Go to and download the file.
b. Uncompress the file contents into a local directory.
c. Start IBM Installation Manager.
d. Click File > Preferences.
e. Click Repositories and Add Repository.
f. Click Browse, select the directory that contains the import directory, and click OK

2. Import:

a. Click File > Import

Use the IBM Installation Manager Import wizard to import IBM WebSphere Application Server. The Import wizard should show up on the IBM Installation Manager main panel, with the Installation, Upgrade, and Uninstallation options, once you have a sync repository added to the Repository list.


The Road to Economic Crisis Is Paved With Euros –

The Road to Economic Crisis Is Paved With Euros –

– Comments are more informative than the article itself. Good read!

Shelf with Adjustable Integrated Bookend

Adjustable Shelf

Shelf with Adjustable Integrated Bookend.

Interesting math..

Chinese Worker Salary $5/day + Corrupt Officials + Big Transportation Cost


American Worker Salary Minimum Wage Laws + What&apos;s my Incentive Attitude + Benefits Health, Dental, Mental, Maternity Leave, Clean Bathrooms, Rest Area, etc + Workers Compensation + Insurance Fees + Medicare/Healthcare + Unions Agreements Breaks, Pensions, Benefits, Overtime Pay, Safety Training, Vacations + Corporate Taxes + MoreTaxes City, State, Property + Political Contributions + Environmental Regulations Waste, Pollution, Disposal Fees + Lawsuits Sexual Harassment, Racial Discrimination, Hiring/Firing Issues, Slip and Fall + Smaller Transportation Costs

via How my 8 gig of RAM, 512 gig SSD MacBook Pro got to me – Holy Kaw!.

Olympic Pictograms Through the Ages – Video Feature –

Olympic Pictograms Through the Ages – Video Feature –

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